My Image Garden

Using Various Functions

Scanning Photos and Documents

Easy Scanning with Auto Scan

Scanning Photos

Scanning Documents

Scanning with Favorite Settings

Cropping Scanned Images

Editing Items

Setting the Theme and Main People

Changing Background

Changing Layout

Arranging Photos Automatically

Adding, Deleting, or Rearranging Pages

Inserting Images

Adjusting, Correcting, or Enhancing Images

Adding Text

Adding/Adjusting Text Boxes

Correcting/Enhancing Photos

Using Auto Photo Fix

Using Red-Eye Correction

Using Face Brightener

Using Face Sharpener

Using Digital Face Smoothing

Using Blemish Remover

Adjusting Images

Cropping Photos

Enhancing Photos Using Special Filters

Enhancing with Fish-eye Effect

Enhancing with Miniature Effect

Enhancing with Toy Camera Effect

Enhancing with Soft Focus

Blurring the Background

Creating/Editing PDF Files

Extracting Text from Images (OCR Function)

Downloading Images from Photo Sharing Sites

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