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Enhancing with Soft Focus

You can soften an image to resemble a photo taken with a soft focus lens.

  1. Select the image(s) you want to enhance.

  2. Click Special Filters at the bottom of the screen.

    The Special Image Filters window appears.

    figure: Special Image Filters window
  3. Select the image you want to enhance from the Selected Images area.

    The selected image appears in the Preview area.

    • If only one image is selected, only the preview appears and the Selected Images area does not appear.

  4. Click Soft Focus.

    figure: Special Image Filters window
  5. Move the slider to adjust the level.

    The entire image is enhanced to resemble a photo taken with a soft focus lens, and the (Enhancement) mark appears on the upper left of the image.

    • Click (Display Comparison Screen) to display the images before and after the enhancement side by side in a separate window so that you can compare and check the result.

  6. Click Save Selected Image or Save All Filtered Images.

    Enhanced image(s) is (are) saved as a new file(s).

    • To save only the image(s) you like, select it (them) and click Save Selected Image. Click Save All Filtered Images to save all the enhanced images at one time.

    • The enhanced image(s) can be saved in JPEG/Exif format only.

  7. Click Exit.

    • If the enhanced image(s) is (are) not saved, the enhancement(s) will be deleted.

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