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Registering Printer to PIXMA/MAXIFY Cloud Link

Follow the steps described below to register the printer to the cloud service server.


  • When a new message about your printer is received, will appear on the printer's home screen, depending on the model of printer you are using.
  1. Check that the printer is connected to the Internet

    To use this function, you must connect this printer to the Internet.

  2. Display the main screen of the Cloud

    You can display the main screen of the Cloud by one of the following options.

    • From the printer screen, select -> Cloud applications.
    • From the printer screen, select Cloud or .


    • If multiple users will be using the printer after the initial registration, select the login user name from the Switch user screen, enter the Security code, and proceed with the registration.
      If the Security code is incorrect, use your smartphone, tablet, or computer, and change the setting from the My account of the Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center.
  3. When the registration preparation completed screen appears, select OK

  4. On the confirmation screen, select Next

  5. In the Terms of use and Privacy policy windows, read the statements, and then select Agree if you agree


    • If you select Disagree, a confirmation screen asking whether you want to cancel Register My account appears. If you select Yes, then Register My account is canceled, and you return to the Home screen.
      Even if you select Disagree, you can still use this service by selecting Agree from the registration screen later.
    • You can print the displayed information by pressing the Start button.

After you complete the registration, you can print photos and documents that have been uploaded to apps on the linked cloud service and add/delete/sort apps.