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Professional Print & Layout Features

Professional Print & Layout is software for establishing a pleasant item creation workflow.

In addition to printing bordered photos and borderless photos, various printing tasks such as index printing, black and white printing, and printing using ICC profiles are possible.

It can also be started from other applications. For supported applications, see General Notes (Professional Print & Layout).

Print Photos

Print images developed or corrected in image editing software easily and in high quality.

Freely Arrange and Print on Roll Paper

Arrange images freely making use of the entire roll paper. Images can also be arranged automatically.

Print After Color Management

Print in the color tone closer to what you want by specifying a color mode according to the objective.

Print Black and White Photos

Print color photos in black and white easily.

Print After Correcting the Tone

Print in the color tone you want to use by adjusting the color balance, brightness, and contrast.

Create Images for Gallery Wrap

Easily create and print layout designs for Gallery Wrap.

Adjust Margins

Adjust the margin width and set the image position. You can also print the margins in black.

Save Settings

Save the settings that you made when printing. This eliminates the need to make the same settings repeatedly.