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Printing with Impression Close to That on Monitor

You can print with an impression close to that on the monitor by correctly reflecting the characteristics of the data displayed on the monitor.


  • To print with an impression close to that on the monitor, we recommend that you set the monitor and ambient light as follows.

    • Monitor

      • Color temperature: D50 (5000 K)
      • Luminance: 120 cd/m2
      • Gamma: 2.2
    • Ambient light

      • D50 fluorescent lamps designed for color evaluation (color temperature: 5000 K, high color rendering properties)
      • Brightness when viewing printed materials: 500 lx ± 125 lx
  1. Start Professional Print & Layout, and then drag and drop the images you want to print to the Preview area.


  2. In Color Management on the General Settings tab, set Color Mode to Use ICC Profile or Driver Matching.

    figure: General Settings tab (Color Management)

    Select a color mode according to the color space of the image to be printed. Canon recommends the following combinations.

    Color Space Color Mode
    Adobe RGB Use ICC Profile (Rendering Intent: Perceptual)
    sRGB Driver Matching (Rendering Intent: Perceptual (Photo))


    • If you select Use ICC Profile, set Rendering Intent to Perceptual.
    • If you select Driver Matching, set Rendering Intent to Perceptual (Photo).
  3. Click Print.

    The Print dialog box appears.

  4. Click OK.