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Lesson 3 Utilizing Print Studio Pro

Print Studio Pro is a plug-in for Digital Photo Professional, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom. As shown in the figure below, it helps facilitate the creation of artworks by using a different function for each objective.
The following introduces some of the convenient functions of Print Studio Pro.

Color management items that can be selected may vary depending on your printer.

Color Management in Print Studio Pro

A different color mode is provided for each objective. You can print in high quality more easily by simply selecting a color mode according to the objective.

When you want to print with an impression close to that on the monitor

Printing with an Impression Close to That on the Monitor

When you want to print according to the characteristics of the paper to be used

Printing Using ICC Profiles

When you want to perform black and white printing

Black and White Printing

<Functions for Creating Better Works of Art >

Color Adjustment in Color Printing
Color Adjustment in Black and White Printing
16-bit Printing
Clear Coating Print

<Useful Functions>

Adjusting Margins
Printing Margins in Black
Saving the Specified Settings
Adding Text to Works of Art

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