Digital Printing Workflow Color Management Basics Utilizing Print Studio Pro
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16-bit Printing

Since Print Studio Pro supports 16-bits-per-channel image data, you can receive the data as is from image editing software without degrading it, and print High Dynamic Range images (full 16-bit workflow).


To print High Dynamic Range images, it is required to select the XPS printer driver.

When performing color adjustment in image editing software, adjusting in 16 bits per channel reduces degradation of image quality due to banding (gradient stepping). In addition, printing High Dynamic Range images (full 16-bit workflow) produces smoother gradations compared to printing 8-bits-per-channel images.


Even when the shot photo is 8-bits-per-channel image data, the color adjustment performed in Print Studio Pro is processed in 16 bits per channel; therefore, you can print with smooth gradations by printing it as a High Dynamic Range image.

See the on-screen manual for details on the XPS printer driver.

See Print Studio Pro Guide for details on the operation procedure.


1200 ppi Input Supported

When using a printer that supports 1200 ppi input, you can send image data to the printer driver without reducing it. (This function may not be available depending on the paper to be used and print quality.)

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