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Color Adjustment in Black and White Printing

Color tones in black and white printing are delicate. In Print Studio Pro, you can finely adjust color tones for black and white printing. Produce subtle color tones by combining with color adjustment of the image editing software. In addition, you can print with the same settings repeatedly since the specified settings can be registered.

Besides selecting Cool Tone, Black and White or Warm Tone, you can finely adjust colors.
In addition, in order to find the color tone you want, you can utilize Pattern Print to view images with slightly varying color tones at one time.

figure: Settings area (Correction)
Before adjustment Reddish Bluish

See Print Studio Pro Guide for details on the operation procedure.


Color Tones Suitable for Photos

Even for black and white photos, the impression changes with the color tone. To transform a black and white photo into the work of art you wish, the color tone needs to be adjusted according to how you want the work to look.

Photos of people: Select a warm color such as Warm Tone for a warm finish.

Photos of buildings: Select a cool color such as Cool Tone for a clean finish.

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