Digital Printing Workflow Color Management Basics Utilizing Print Studio Pro
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Color Adjustment in Color Printing

In Print Studio Pro, you can adjust color tones for printing.
Correct colors of each image in image editing software. After printing the corrected images, if the colors displayed on the monitor and those of the printed materials are different, make fine adjustments in Print Studio Pro.
Registering specified settings is convenient since you will not need to make fine adjustments each time.

All photos are redder than expected when printed   Adjust the color tones to turn the photos into what you expected

See Print Studio Pro Guide for details on the adjustment procedure.

Pattern Print

By using the Pattern Print function, you can view multiple images with varying color tones at one time.
Thumbnails with slightly varying brightness, color tone and contrast values are printed side by side, and the setting values appear below the thumbnails; you can perform precise color adjustment by entering the values of the selected thumbnail. You can avoid the problem that the color tone of the print result is different from what you want since you can make adjustments while viewing the actual color tones to be printed.

See Print Studio Pro Guide for details on the operation procedure.

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