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Upload Files to Cloud Storage

Follow the procedure below to upload files to cloud storage.

Files you want to upload to cloud storage must be added to the Registered file list. (See "Add Files to Print".)

  1. Log in to the cloud service (see "Log in to the Cloud Service").

    If you want to share the files you upload with other users, add a check mark to Share settings when uploading.

  2. Add a check mark on Upload for the files you want to upload in the Registered file list.


    • You can select multiple files.

  3. Click Upload.

    If you add a check mark on Share settings when uploading, the Share settings dialog box will open. Configure the settings as needed. (See "Share Files with Other Users (Google Drive Only)".)

    The Upload dialog box will be displayed, and the upload will start.

    Once the upload completes, the uploaded files will be added to Cloud storage.