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Before Using Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center

Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center is a service that links with the cloud function of the printer and allows you to perform operations such as registering and managing apps from your smartphone or tablet device, and checking the print status, print error, and ink status of the printer. You can also print app photos and documents from your smartphone or tablet.

First, check the following content:

  • Precautions

    If you plan to use the web service to print documents, be sure to check these precautions beforehand.

  • Printer specification

    Check that Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center supports the printer.
    Some models do not support this function. To check whether your model supports this function, see "Models that Support Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center".

    Your printer may not support the scan function.

  • Network environment

    The printer must be connected to a LAN and to the Internet.

  • Important

    • The user will bear the cost of Internet access.
  • Operating requirements

    For computers, smartphones, and tablet devices, see "Requirements for Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center operation".


  • This service may not be available in certain countries or regions. Also even if the service is available, there are apps that cannot be used in certain regions.