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Notice for Web Service Printing

When Using Web Service

  • Canon does not guarantee the continuity and reliability of the web services provided, the availability of site access, or permission to download the materials.
  • Canon may at any time update, change, or delete the information provided through the web service, or may suspend or discontinue the service without prior notice. Canon shall not be held responsible for any damages resulting from such actions.
  • In no event shall Canon be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from the use of the web services.
  • User registration is necessary before you can use the external link site.
    When you use the external link site, observe the conditions of use of the site and use the service within your own responsibility.
  • All or part of the web service may not be available depending on the country or region you live in.
  • Depending on your network environment, some functions on web service are not available. Even if they are available, it may take a while to print or display the contents, or communication may be interrupted while operation is in progress.
  • When you use web service, your printer's name, information of your region or country, your selected language, and what kind of service you use (e.g. photo sharing site) are sent to and saved in our server. Canon is unable to identify specific customers using this information.
  • For printers that support color LCD monitor, the login name and password for photo sharing sites that you've entered will be saved in the printer's internal memory (they are not encrypted). Before you transfer ownership or dispose of the printer, select Printer settings -> Reset settings -> Reset all and delete your login name and password.
  • For printers that support color LCD monitors or OEL monitors, your print history may remain even after deregistering. When transferring the ownership of the printer, perform the following procedure:
    • If you are using a printer that supports color LCD monitors, select (or Various settings) -> Web service setup -> Web service usage cancellation.
    • If you are using a printer that supports 1.5-inch OEL monitors, press the OK button, or select on the operation panel, and then select Web service setup -> Web service cancellation.
  • For details, contact a Canon-authorized sales representative in the country or region you live in.

Copyrights and Rights of Publicity

When printing using a service provided by Canon

  1. The copyright of each material (photos, illustrations, logos, or documents: hereinafter referred to as "the materials") provided on the printing service belongs to their respective owners. Issues pertaining to Rights of Publicity may arise regarding the use of any of people or characters displayed on the printing service.

    Except as otherwise permitted (please see "2" below), copying, modifying or distributing all or a portion of any of the materials contained on the web template printing service without prior consent of the respective rights (Rights of Publicity and Copyright) holder is strictly prohibited.

  2. All of the materials provided on the web template printing service can be freely used for personal and non-commercial purposes.