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Scanning in Basic Mode

Use the Basic Mode tab to scan easily by following these simple on-screen steps.

To scan multiple documents at one time from the Platen, see Scanning Multiple Documents at One Time with ScanGear (Scanner Driver).

When scanning from the ADF (Auto Document Feeder), preview is not available.


  • The following types of documents may not be scanned correctly. In that case, click (Thumbnail) on the Toolbar to switch to whole image view and scan.

    • Photos with a whitish background
    • Documents printed on white paper, hand-written text, business cards, and other unclear documents
    • Thin documents
    • Thick documents
  • The following types of documents cannot be scanned correctly.

    • Documents smaller than 1.2 inches (3 cm) square
    • Photos that have been cut to irregular shapes


  • Both sides of a two sided document can be scanned simultaneously on models with ADF duplex scanning support.
  1. Place document on machine's Platen or ADF, and then start ScanGear (scanner driver).

  2. Set Select Source to match your document.

    figure: Basic Mode tab


    • Some applications do not support continuous scanning from the ADF. For details, see the application's manual.


    • To scan magazines containing many color photos, select Magazine (Color).
  3. Click Preview.

    Preview image appears in the Preview area.

    figure: Basic Mode tab


    • Preview is not available when scanning from the ADF.


    • Colors are adjusted based on the document type selected in Select Source.
  4. Set Destination.


    • Skip ahead to Step 7 if an ADF option is selected in Select Source.
  5. Set Output Size.

    Output size options vary with the selected Destination.

  6. Adjust cropping frames (scan areas) as needed.

    Adjust the size and position of the cropping frames on the preview image.

  7. Set Image corrections as needed.

  8. Click Scan.

    Scanning starts.


  • Click (Information) to display a dialog box showing the document type and other details of the current scan settings.
  • How ScanGear behaves after scanning is complete can be set from Status of ScanGear dialog after scanning on the Scan tab of the Preferences dialog box.

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