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Starting ScanGear (Scanner Driver)

Use ScanGear (scanner driver) to make image corrections and color adjustments when scanning. Start ScanGear from IJ Scan Utility or other applications.


  • If you have more than one scanner or have a network compatible model and changed the connection from USB connection to network connection, set up the network environment.

Starting from IJ Scan Utility

  1. Start IJ Scan Utility.

    For how to start it, see Starting IJ Scan Utility.

  2. In IJ Scan Utility main screen, click ScanGear.

    The ScanGear screen appears.

Starting from Application

The procedure varies depending on the application. For details, see the application's manual.

  1. Start application.

  2. On application's menu, select machine.


    • A machine connected over a network, will have "Network" displayed after the product name.
  3. Scan document.

    The ScanGear screen appears.