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General Settings Tab (Frame Settings)

Set the frame size and frame depth.


  • This is displayed when Gallery Wrap is selected for Layout Mode in the Stored Settings area.
figure: General Settings tab (Frame Settings)
Panel Layout
Select the number of frames.
Frame Size

Select the frame size.

Click Add custom size to display the Add Custom Size dialog box for setting custom frame sizes.


  • When you add a frame size in Add custom size, the set name will be displayed in Frame Size.
Frame Depth

Select the frame depth from 0.75 inches (19.05 mm), 1.50 inches (38.10 mm), and Specify custom depth.

To specify the frame depth, select Specify custom depth.

Amount of Extension
Select this checkbox to set the amount of extension that protrudes past the frame sides.
Frame Edge Style

Select an effect for the image portion that appears on the sides of the frame.

Select from Continuous, Continuous (Soft), Mirrored Edge, Mirrored Edge (Soft), White Edge, and Black Edge.

Add fold marks

Select this checkbox to print crop marks outside the image as guide lines for folding the paper.


  • The dotted lines displayed over the image in Print Preview will not be printed.
Restores the default state.