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Add Custom Size Dialog Box

Set the names and sizes of frame sizes.

To display the Add Custom Size dialog box, click Add custom size from Frame Size on the General Settings tab (Frame Settings).

figure: Add Custom Size dialog box
Frame Sizes
Displays a list of frame size names and frame sizes saved in the Add/Edit dialog box.

Displays the Add/Edit dialog box for setting frame size names and frame sizes.

figure: Add/Edit dialog box
Custom Size Name
Set the frame size name.
Select the unit of frame size from mm and inches.
Frame Size
Set the width of the frame size.
Set the length of the frame size.
Maintain image aspect ratio
Select this checkbox to lock the image's aspect ratio when setting the frame size.
Select a frame size name and click Edit to change the saved frame size name, unit, frame size, etc.
Select a frame size name and click Delete to delete the saved frame size.