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Printing Using AirPrint

You can print photographs, E-mails, web pages, and other documents using AirPrint, even if the printer driver is not installed or the application is not downloaded.


  • There are restrictions for printing with AirPrint. Please be aware in advance. If you want to use all the functions of the printer, use the Canon IJ printer driver.

Checking Your Environment

First, check your environment.

  • AirPrint Operation Environment
    Mac running the latest version of OS

  • Requirement
    The Mac and the printer must be connected by one of the following methods:

    • Connected to the same network over a LAN
    • Connected directly without wireless router (Direct Connection)
    • Connected by USB

Add The Printer as AirPrint Printer on Your Mac

  1. Open System Preferences -> Printers & Scanners

  2. Click + next to the printer list

  3. Select your printer listed as Bonjour

  4. Select your printer or Secure AirPrint from Use

  5. Click Add

    The Printer will be added as AirPrint Printer on Your Mac

Print with AirPrint from a Mac

  1. Check that printer is turned on

  2. Load paper in printer

    Set roll paper or cut sheet.

  3. Start printing from your application software

    The Print dialog opens.

  4. Select printer

    Select your model from the Printer list in the Print dialog.

    figure: Printer in the Print dialog


    • Click Show Details to switch the setup window to the detailed display.
  5. Check print settings

    Set paper size and other items as needed.
    Set paper type from the printer.


    • Use the Print dialog to set general print settings such as the layout and the print sequence.
      For information about print settings, refer to macOS help.
    • You can set Print settings, Paper-related settings, and more on the operation panel of the printer.
  6. Click Print

    The printer prints according to the specified settings.


  • It can take the Wi-Fi a few minutes to get connected after the printer turns on. Print after checking that the printer is connected to the network.
  • You cannot use AirPrint if Bonjour settings of printer are disabled. Check LAN settings of printer and enable Bonjour settings.
  • Refer to "Cannot Print Using AirPrint" for printing problems when using AirPrint.
  • The display of the settings screen may differ depending on the application software you are using.

Deleting Print Job

Use Stop button from printer to cancel the print job.

Restrictions on the AirPrint

  • If A2+, A3+, or 13 x 22 is selected for Paper Size in the print dialog, part of the image may not fit on the paper.
  • If printing cut sheet, the bottom edge of the image may be cut out.
  • If printing cut sheet, feed the paper vertically. If the paper is fed horizontally, it will still print vertical images.
  • Some paper sizes that are compatible with the Canon IJ printer driver are not compatible with AirPrint. If using these sizes, set a custom size.
  • Canon imagePROGRAF Free Layout and Canon imagePROGRAF Preview cannot be used.