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Printing with Easy Setup

The simple setup procedure for carrying out appropriate printing on this printer is as follows:

  1. Check that printer is turned on

  2. Load paper on the printer

    Set roll paper or cut paper.

  3. Select the printer

    Select your model from the Printer list in the Print Dialog.

    figure:Printer in the Print dialog


    • Click Show Details to switch the Setup window to the detailed display.
      However, depending on the application you are using, Show Details may not be displayed.
  4. Select the paper size

    For Paper Size, select the paper size to be used.
    If necessary, set the number of copies, the pages to be printed, and the orientation.

    figure:Paper Size in the Print dialog
  5. Select Quality & Media from the pop-up menu

    figure:Quality & Media in the Print dialog
  6. Select the media type

    For Media Type, select the same paper type loaded in the printer.

    figure:Media Type of Quality & Media in the Print dialog


  7. Select the paper source

    For Paper Source, select the setting that matches your purpose.

    figure:Paper Source of Quality & Media in the Print dialog


    • The paper feed method will differ according to the paper or lower level (roll paper 2) settings, or roll unit option settings.
  8. Select the print quality

    For Print Quality, select Highest, High or Standard according to your purpose.

    figure:Print Quality of Quality & Media in the Print dialog


    • The print quality settings that can be selected may differ depending on a printing profile.
  9. Select Page Processing from the pop-up menu

  10. Selecting Roll Paper Width

    If you selected a roll paper for Paper Source, set Roll Paper Width to the width of the roll paper loaded in the printer.


    • If Cut Sheet is selected for Paper Source in Quality & Media, Roll Paper Width is grayed out and cannot be set.
  11. Complete the setup

    Click Print.
    When you execute print, the document will be printed in accordance with the type and size of the media.

    figure:Print in the Print dialog


  • If the paper settings in the printer driver differ from the paper information registered on the printer, an error message may appear on operation panel of the printer. You can still print but you may not be able to obtain correct print results.