Digital Printing Workflow Color Management Basics Utilizing Print Studio Pro
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Printing People's Skin Beautifully

People's skin colors often attract attention when viewed in photos, and human eyes are very sensitive. Therefore, adjustments need to be made carefully since even a slight change in the color tone affects the outcome of works of art. Make skin colors smooth by adjusting brightness and contrast.

Point for Shooting: "Considering White Balance"

Incorrect white balance affects the skin color. It is convenient to shoot a color chart together with the subject, which makes it easier to identify the original white and gray. By shooting in RAW format, you can correct white balance upon development.

Point for Development/Correction: "Avoid Increasing Contrast and Sharpness Too Much"

Adjust contrast and sharpness while focusing on the skin, not the entire image. Decreasing contrast reduces small wrinkles, pores, etc. and the skin can be rendered smooth. Adjust sharpness so as not to lose smoothness of the skin.

Point for Printing: "Fine Adjustments Utilizing Pattern Print"

If the print result is not satisfactory even after correction, by using the Pattern Print function of Print Studio Pro, you can view multiple images with slightly varying color tones at one time, and can perform fine color adjustment accurately.

See "Color Adjustment in Color Printing" for details on color adjustment.

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