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Color Management Using ICC Profiles

Each digital device such as a printer or monitor has its own "personality" in representing color tones. Therefore, in order to correctly communicate the image's color tone from a camera to a monitor and then to a printer, each device's "personality" needs to be communicated together.

Concept of a Profile

Without a profile (strong reddish tone)   Order to adjust the red tone   With a profile (becomes closer to the original image)

The data which describes this "personality" is the profile. By communicating data using profiles, more accurate color management can be performed.

The profile used in the color management system is the ICC profile. See the following page for ICC profiles.

About ICC Profiles

By creating a custom ICC profile for each of your devices, more accurate color management can be made. See the following pages for how to create ICC profiles.

Monitor Adjustment Using a Measuring Instrument

Color Management of the Printer

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