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Helpful Functions Available Through the Network

The following useful functions are available on the machine.

Enjoy even more pleasant photography experience by utilizing various functions.

Use Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center to Run Apps on Your Smartphone or Tablet Device

Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center is a service that links with the cloud function of the printer and allows you to perform operations such as registering and managing apps from your smartphone or tablet device, and checking the print status, print error, and ink status of the printer. You can also print photos and documents from your apps.

Refer to "Using Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center" for details.

Upload Scanned Images Easily to the Web

If you use Evernote or Dropbox on your computer, you can easily upload scanned images to the web. Uploaded images can be utilized from other computers, smartphones, etc.

Refer to "Online Storage Integration Function" for details.

Print in Various Environments with Google Cloud Print

The machine is compatible with Google Cloud Print (Google Cloud Print is a service provided by Google Inc.).

By using Google Cloud Print, you can print from anywhere with applications or services supporting Google Cloud Print.

Refer to "Printing with Google Cloud Print" for details.

Print Directly from iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with Apple AirPrint

The machine is compatible with the AirPrint function of Apple iOS devices.

You can directly print e-mails, photos, web pages, etc. from iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to the machine over wireless LAN.

Refer to "Printing from AirPrint Compliant Device" for details.

Manage Your Printer from a Remote Location by Using Remote UI

By using Remote UI, you can set up this machine, check the machine status, and even perform maintenance from your computer or smartphone.

Because you can use this service from a remote location through the network, you can check printer information even when you're out away from the printer.

Refer to "Using Remote UI" for details.

Print Easily from a Smartphone with PIXMA Printing Solutions

Use PIXMA Printing Solutions to easily print photos saved on a smartphone wirelessly.

You can also receive scanned data (PDF or JPEG) directly on a smartphone without using a computer.

PIXMA Printing Solutions can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

Printing with Windows RT

When you use Windows RT, printing is easy because you simply connect this machine to the network.

For information about connecting to the network, see the setup URL ( for using this product from your computer, smartphone, or tablet device.

When the connection is complete, the Canon Inkjet Print Utility software, which allows you to specify detailed print settings, is downloaded automatically.
By using Canon Inkjet Print Utility, you can check the printer status and specify detailed print settings. (The available functions will differ depending on your usage environment and connection method.)