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Deleting Media Information

Delete the printer control panel and printer driver media information.


  • You cannot add or edit media information if a printer is not connected.

    Browse "Changing the Base Printer" and reselect the base printer to add and edit media information.

  • Do not attempt to print or turn the printer off while the program is communicating with the printer.

    Do not add or edit media information on a printer from another computer while it is being added or edited.

  • We recommend backing up the media information in advance before editing media information.

    For how to back up media information, see "Back Up Base Printer Media Information" in "Copying Media Information from the Base Printer to Another Printer".

  • The media information for common calibration media that has been calibrated cannot be deleted.


  1. Select the paper that you want to delete.

  2. Click (Delete Media Information) in the Edit Media Information button group (or select Delete Media Information from the Edit Media Information menu).


    • Paper for which the following message appears cannot be deleted.

  3. Click (Apply Edits) in the Edit Media Information button group (or select Apply Edits from the Edit Media Information menu).

  4. Click the Yes button.

    The media information is applied to the printer.

    Next, apply the media information to the printer driver.

  5. Click the Yes button.

  6. Click the OK button.


    • If the following dialog box appears, select the printer that you are updating the media information of, and then click the OK button.

    The printer driver's Utility screen will appear.

  7. Update the media information on the printer driver's Utility screen.

    For details, search for and refer to the "Updating Media Information in Printer Driver" page from the home page of the Online Manual for your model.