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Performing Color Calibration

Color calibration improves color consistency by compensating for slight differences in how color appears when printing due to individual variations or aging among the printers.

Executing color calibration will print a test pattern (built into the printer) that is then read automatically by the printer.

By this operation, calibration adjustment values reflecting the print result of the test pattern are set automatically.


  • To increase the color stability precision when executing color calibration, maintain a constant temperature and humidity environment each time within the range of temperatures of 59 to 86°F (15 to 30°C) and within the range of humidities of 40 to 60%.

    Executing color calibration under various temperature and humidity conditions may prevent the printer from making the correct adjustments.

  • Before color calibration, ensure the printer is not exposed to direct sunlight or other strong sources of light.

    If the printer is exposed to strong sources of light, correct adjustment may not be possible.

Recommend Timing for Color Calibration

We recommend color calibration in the following situations.

  • After initial printer installation
  • After print head replacement
  • If colors seem different from before, despite using the same printing environment, under the same conditions
  • To print with colors aligned from multiple printers
  • When the execution guide is displayed

Executing Color Calibration

Paper size that can be used for color calibration

When using rolls
Roll at least 10.00 in. (254.0 mm) wide
When using sheets
Sheet of A4/Letter size or larger

Execute color calibration using the following procedure.

  1. You can confirm whether the paper to be loaded can be used in color calibration.

  2. Load paper.

  3. Select (Setup) on HOME screen.

  4. Select Maintenance.

  5. Select Color calibration.

  6. Select Auto adjust.

    A confirmation message appears.


  7. Select Yes.

    The paper source setting screen appears.

  8. Select Roll paper or Manual.

    After the paper is confirmed, and color calibration is executed, the calibration adjustment value is set automatically.

Other Menu Items

  • Enable/disable adjustment values

    You can select whether to apply the calibration adjustment value when printing.

    However, for settings that differ from Calibration Value of the printer driver, the values specified in the printer driver take priority.

  • Adjustment information

    You can confirm the calibration adjustment date/time currently applied and the media type used.

  • Calibration guide settings

    You can select whether to display a message asking to execute color calibration on the touch screen in the following situations.

    • When a new print head has been installed
    • When a certain amount of printing has been executed after color calibration is executed
    • When the data of color calibration has been initialized
  • Reset adjustment values

    Clear the color calibration adjustment value and the adjustment information.