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Printing on Paper Other Than Genuine Paper and feed confirmed Paper by Adding a Media Type

Media Configuration Tool provides a function for adding custom paper for better print quality and improved paper feed properties when printing on paper other than Canon genuine paper/feed confirmed paper than when printing with general-purpose settings. You can use this function to configure settings such as the amount of ink used and the height of the print head according to the characteristics of the paper being used, and thereby realize higher print quality. Also, you can add the settings created with this function as a new media type to the operation panel and printer driver.

For details on Media Configuration Tool, refer as follows.


  • For details on how to select the added media type in the operation panel, see "Changing the Type of Paper."

  • You can select the media type to be used in printing from Media Type in the Main sheet (Windows) or Quality & Media (macOS) in the printer driver. For details, see "Main Tab Description" (Windows) or "Quality & Media" (macOS).

  • We recommend that you use an ICC profile created using commercially available profile creation software to perform color management accurately on paper other than Canon genuine paper and feed confirmed paper. You can register the ICC profile you created when creating a custom paper with Media Configuration Tool. See "Adding Custom Paper" in Media Configuration Tool Guide.