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Using Paper Other Than Genuine Paper and feed confirmed Paper

When using this printer to print on paper other than genuine Canon paper and feed confirmed paper, use paper that meets the following conditions.

  • Paper where the size is described in "Paper Sizes"

  • Paper where bleeding and ink overflow does not occur when printing

  • Paper that does not warp severely when loading the paper or printing



  • If you use paper other than Canon genuine paper and feed confirmed paper, Canon provides absolutely no guarantees regarding print quality or paper feed properties.

After loading the paper in the printer, select the media type in the operation panel and printer driver and then perform the printing. For the media type, you can select easily from existing settings or you can create and use settings for the paper you are using.

Printing Using Existing Settings

You can print easily by selecting from existing settings provided in the operation panel and printer driver.

Printing Using Additional Settings

You can use the function to add custom paper in the Media Configuration Tool to create settings suitable for paper other than genuine paper/output confirmation paper you are using. You can add the created settings to the printer operation panel and printer driver as a new paper type for printing.