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Precautions for Use (Direct Print & Share)

The below limitations apply when using Direct Print & Share. Please make sure to read these precautions beforehand.

  • Direct Print & Share is compatible with Canon imagePROGRAF Printer Driver V4.43 or later.

  • For information on compatible cloud services, see "Add WebDAV-Compatible Cloud Storage"

  • For information on AutoCAD with AutoCAD plugin compatibility, see "Print from AutoCAD".

  • This guide primarily refers to the Windows 10 operating system (hereafter, Windows 10) interface.

Precautions When Installing

  • Installation requires administrator privileges.

  • Close all applications and software before installing.

  • If a document is being printed, terminate the printing process or wait until printing is complete.

Precautions When Using

Note the following precautions when using this software:

  • Printable file formats are as follows:

    • V1.7-conforming PDF

      * However, password protection, JBIG2, font substitution, overprinting, and some functions of transparency are not supported.

    • Rev. 6-conforming TIFF

      Compatible with the following:

      • Color mode: RGB / CMYK / Grayscale / Binary

      • Color dispersion: 24-bit / 8-bit / 1-bit

      • Compression scheme: Uncompressed / CCITT / Packbits / LZW / ZIP / JPEG

      • Multi-page

      • Pixels: 10,800 pixels or less for both width and height

    • JFIF 1.02-conforming JPEG

      * Compatible with the following:

      • Color mode: RGB / Grayscale

      • Color dispersion: 24-bit / 8-bit

      • Pixels: 10,800 pixels or less for both width and height

    • HP-GL/2

      * Cannot print when a printer that does not support files in HP-GL/2 format is selected.

      * Files in HP-GL/2 format can be previewed in Layout preview under the following conditions (Content preview is not available):

      • Printer driver version is 4.52 or later.

      • Printer connection is enabled when adding files.

  • Printable document size is the same as the document size that can be used with the printer driver.

    * However, maximum length is 3.2 m (126.0 inches).

    * Document sizes for raster images (tiff or jpeg) are calculated as follows:

    • [Page size (inch)] = [Pixel size (pixel)] / [Resolution (dpi)]

      Raster images with no resolution information will be calculated as 300 dpi resolution.

  • For raster images (tiff or jpeg), if the document size does not fit within the size limit of the printer driver, you may be able to print by changing the resolution using image editing tools.

  • You cannot print via a printer server.

  • With data that contains images that reaches the document size limit, if you select Match Page Size in Paper Size for the main image, all four sides of the image that are outside of the printable range will not be printed.

  • Printing results obtained by using this software may not match the printing results obtained from other products.

  • If the number or data size of the files you are adding is too large, you may not be able to print or upload, or it may take a long time to complete depending on the environment. It may also take a long time to display thumbnails.

    The recommended file size for adding and other factors are as follows:

    • File size: 2 GB or less per file

    • Number of files: 100 files or less

    • Number of pages: 100 pages or less per file

    Furthermore, it is recommended to only print a total of 100 pages or less in one printing process.

  • If the number or data size of the files you plan to upload or download is too large, uploading or downloading may fail, or it may take a long time to complete depending on the environment.

    The recommended file size for upload or download for each process and other factors are as follows:

    • Total file size: 500 MB or less

    • Total number of files: 100 files or less

  • If the folder name, file name, or folder directory is too long, the folder name or file name may not display, or upload or download may fail.

  • Canon bears no responsibility for any loss or damages caused by cloud services.

  • If there is access from multiple software, including this software, for the same cloud storage, processing by the other software might be prioritized. Due to this, the processing results may not turn out as intended. (e.g. If folder deletion or file upload is executed simultaneously by multiple software.)

  • Depending on what country or region you use this software in, you may not be able to use cloud services.

  • If you want to use a cloud service, you must create an account for that cloud service beforehand.

    Confirm that you are able to log in to the cloud service beforehand with the account you created on a web browser.

Precautions When Using AutoCAD Plugins

  • Do not delete the DWG to PDF driver included in AutoCAD. If you delete or rename it, you will not be able to add AutoCAD data to Direct Print & Share.

  • If the document size of the file created with AutoCAD is not supported by the DWG to PDF driver, the size will be changed to a size compatible with DWG to PDF before being added to Direct Print & Share.

  • Due to limitations of the DWG to PDF driver, PDF files may not be properly created from data created with AutoCAD.

Regarding Third-Party Services

The following conditions apply if you use third-party services through the use of this product.

If you access and/or obtain third-party content through the use of "This Product" (including but not limited to text, images, videos, audio data, and software), the following actions are prohibited unless explicitly permitted by the proprietor of said content or by applicable laws:

  • Extracting data, creating permanent copies of said data by creating databases or through other methods, or keeping cached copies for a period longer than permitted by the cache-control header

  • Copying, translating, changing, creating derivatives, selling, leasing, lending, transferring, distributing, displaying publicly, or sublicensing to third parties

  • Misrepresenting the source or owner

  • Removing, concealing, or changing copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights notices; or falsifying or removing the display of the author, legal notices, or the origins or sources of any other material

Precautions When Using Océ Printers

  • Supported Océ printers are listed below.

  • Océ PlotWave 345
    Océ PlotWave 365
    Océ ColorWave 500
    Océ ColorWave 700
    Océ ColorWave 3500
    Océ ColorWave 3700

  • When printing TIFF, PDF or HP-GL2 files, you cannot specify which pages to print.

  • When printing files with pages of different sizes, or files in HP-GL2 format, only Match Page Size is available from Paper Size.

  • When adding an Océ printer, you cannot search for the printer by its IPv6 address.