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Print from AutoCAD

If you install Direct Print & Share on a PC with Autodesk's CAD software AutoCAD installed, the Direct Print & Share plugin will be added to AutoCAD.

Start Direct Print & Share from AutoCAD to easily print drawings or upload to cloud storage.


  • The AutoCAD plugin is available for AutoCAD 2008 or later.

    If you install AutoCAD 2011 or earlier after installing Direct Print & Share, the AutoCAD plugin will not be added to AutoCAD. Reinstall Direct Print & Share to add the AutoCAD plugin.

  1. Open a drawing in AutoCAD


    • It will open in AutoCAD's Layout space. The AutoCAD plugin cannot be used from the Model space.

  2. Click Print and Preview from the AutoCAD ribbon menu or the menu displayed by right-clicking.


    • AutoCAD 2008 does not have a ribbon menu.

    A PDF file containing the layout of the open drawing will be generated, and Direct Print & Share will start.


    • If you want to change the layout of the PDF file, change the layout of the drawing in AutoCAD, and click Print and Preview again.

  3. Confirm that the PDF file generated from the AutoCAD drawing is displayed in the Registered file list on the Direct Print & Share main screen.

    The generated PDF file can be printed or uploaded to cloud storage.