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Add WebDAV-Compatible Cloud Storage

Follow the procedure below to add WebDAV-compatible cloud storage.


  • If you want to use a cloud service, you must create an account for that cloud service beforehand.


  • The following cloud storage services are supported: "Google Drive", "HOME-BOX2", and WebDAV-compatible cloud storage.

    • "HOME-BOX2" is a cloud storage service provided by Canon Marketing Japan Inc. for the Japan domestic market.

    • Access to cloud storage for services other than "Google Drive" and "HOME-BOX2" is not guaranteed.

  1. Click Cloud service integration... on the main screen.

    The Cloud service integration dialog box will open.

  2. Click the button on the Cloud service integration dialog box.

    The Preferences dialog box will open.

  3. Click Cloud storage settings.

    The Cloud storage settings dialog box will open.

  4. Click Add....

    The Cloud storage information dialog box will open.

  5. Enter the cloud storage name in Storage name and the URL for connecting to WebDAV in URL and then click OK.

    The added cloud storage can now be selected in the Cloud storage selection dialog box.