1. Connect printer to network.

    To connect, see "Setup Guide - TS3300 series -."

    When connected, the printer driver will be installed automatically.In addition, "Canon Inkjet Print Utility," software for making detailed print settings, will download automatically.


    • Your computer or tablet must be connected to the same wireless router as the printer.
    • In the network settings of your computer or tablet, enable printer sharing, and then select a private network.
    • If many devices are connected to the same network, the printer driver will not be installed automatically.
    • Depending on your printer, the printer driver will be downloaded and installed via the Internet. In that case, your computer or tablet must be connected to the Internet.
    • Canon Inkjet Print Utility can be used with supported models only.
    • To download Canon Inkjet Print Utility, your computer or tablet must be connected to the Internet.
    • When using a computer or tablet equipped with a USB port, you can also connect it to the printer using a USB cable. Connect your computer or tablet to your printer with a USB cable.
    • If your printer is not displayed in the operating system's setting screen, the printer driver is not installed. See Adding Printers and add the printer.
  2. Register printer with Canon Inkjet Print Utility.

    Start Canon Inkjet Print Utility, and then select your printer in the Select Model screen.

Available Software

The following Canon software is available on Windows 10 in S mode.

  • Canon Inkjet Print Utility