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Advanced Mode Tab

This mode allows you to make advanced scan settings such as the color mode, output resolution, image brightness, and color tone.

This section describes the settings and functions available on the Advanced Mode tab.

figure: Advanced Mode tab


  • The displayed items vary depending on your model, document type, and view.
  • The preview function is not available when scanning from the ADF (Auto Document Feeder).

(1) Settings and Operation Buttons

Favorite Settings

You can name and save a group of settings (Input Settings, Output Settings, Image Settings, and Color Adjustment Buttons) on the Advanced Mode tab, and load it as required. It is convenient to save a group of settings if you will be using it repeatedly. You can also use this to reload the default settings.

Select Add/Delete... from the pull-down menu to open the Add/Delete Favorite Settings dialog box.

figure: Add/Delete Favorite Settings dialog box

Enter Setting Name and click Add; the name appears in Favorite Settings List.

When you click Save, the item appears in the Favorite Settings list and can be selected, along with the predefined items.

To delete an item, select it in Favorite Settings List and click Delete. Click Save to save the settings displayed in Favorite Settings List.


  • You can set Add/Delete... in Favorite Settings after preview.
  • Save up to 10 items.
Input Settings
Specify the input settings such as the document type and size.
Output Settings
Specify the output settings such as the output resolution and size.
Image Settings
Enable/disable various image correction functions.
Color Adjustment Buttons
Fine corrections to the image brightness and color tones can be made including adjustments to the image's overall brightness or contrast and adjustments to its highlight and shadow values (histogram) or balance (tone curve).

Zooms in on a frame, or zooms in on the image in the area specified with a cropping frame (scan area). When zoomed in, Zoom changes to Undo. Click Undo to return the display to its non-magnified state.

In thumbnail view:

When multiple images are displayed in thumbnail view, clicking this button zooms in on the selected frame. Click (Frame Advance) at the bottom of the screen to display the previous or next frame.


  • You can also zoom in on an image by double-clicking the frame. Double-click the enlarged frame again to return it to its original state.

In whole image view:

Rescans the image in the area specified with a cropping frame at higher magnification.


  • Zoom rescans the document and displays high-resolution image in Preview.
  • (Enlarge/Reduce) on the Toolbar zooms in on the preview image quickly. However, the resolution of the displayed image will be low.

Performs a trial scan.

figure: Preview in Advanced Mode tab

Starts scanning.


  • When scanning starts, the progress appears. To cancel the scan, click Cancel.
  • When scanning is completed, a dialog box prompting you to select the next action may appear. Follow the prompt to complete. For details, see Status of ScanGear dialog after scanning in Scan tab of Preferences dialog box.
  • It will take time to process the images if the total size of the scanned images exceeds a certain size. In that case, a warning message appears; it is recommended that you reduce the total size. To continue, scan in whole image view.
Displays the Preferences dialog box for making scan/preview settings.
Closes ScanGear (scanner driver).

(2) Toolbar

Adjust or rotate preview images. The buttons displayed on the Toolbar vary by view.

In thumbnail view:

figure: Toolbar in thumbnail view

In whole image view:

figure: Toolbar in whole image view
(Thumbnail) / (Whole Image)

Switches the view in the Preview area.


Deletes the preview image from the Preview area.

It also resets the Toolbar and color adjustment settings.

Allows you to specify the scan area by dragging the mouse.
(Move Image)
Allows you to drag the image until the part you want to see is displayed when an image enlarged in the Preview area does not fit in the screen. You can also move the image using the scroll bars.
Allows you to zoom in on the Preview area by clicking the image. Right-click the image to zoom out.
(Rotate Left)

Rotates the preview image 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

  • The result will be reflected in the scanned image.
  • The image returns to its original state when you preview again.
(Rotate Right)

Rotates the preview image 90 degrees clockwise.

  • The result will be reflected in the scanned image.
  • The image returns to its original state when you preview again.
(Auto Crop)
Displays and adjusts the cropping frame automatically to the size of the document displayed in the Preview area. The scan area is reduced every time you click this button if there are croppable areas within the cropping frame.
(Check All Frames)

Available when two or more frames are displayed.

Selects the checkboxes of the images in thumbnail view.

(Uncheck All Frames)

Available when two or more frames are displayed.

Deselects the checkboxes of the images in thumbnail view.

(Select All Frames)

Available when two or more frames are displayed.

Selects the images in thumbnail view and outlines them in blue.

(Select All Cropping Frames)

Available when two or more cropping frames are specified.

Turns the cropping frames into thick broken lines and applies the settings to all of them.

(Remove Cropping Frame)
Removes the selected cropping frame.
Displays the version of ScanGear, along with the document type and other details of the current scan settings.
(Open Guide)
Opens this page.

(3) Preview Area

This is where a trial image appears after you click Preview. The results of image corrections, color adjustments, and other settings made in (1) Settings and Operation Buttons are also reflected.

When (Thumbnail) is displayed on Toolbar:

Cropping frames are specified according to the document size, and thumbnails of scanned images appear. Only the images with the checkbox selected will be scanned.

figure: Preview in thumbnail view


  • When multiple images are previewed, different outlines indicate different selection status.

    • Focus Frame (thick blue outline): The displayed settings will be applied.
    • Selected Frame (thin blue outline): The settings will be applied to the Focus Frame and Selected Frames simultaneously. To select multiple images, click them while pressing the Ctrl key.
    • Unselected (no outline): The settings will not be applied.

When (Whole Image) is displayed on Toolbar:

Items on the Platen are scanned and appear as a single image. All portions in the cropping frames will be scanned.

figure: Preview in whole image view


  • Create cropping frame(s) on the displayed image. In thumbnail view, one cropping frame can be created per image. In whole image view, multiple cropping frames can be created.