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What You Can Do with Quick Menu

Quick Menu consists of Shortcut Menu, which allows you to start the functions you want to use with one click, and Image Display, which plays recommended items and others in slide shows.

Quick Menu Screens

figure: Quick Menu

(1) Shortcut Menu

The menu that you mainly use. Add frequently used applications, etc. to start them with one click.

Click (Open Main Menu) to display the Main Menu in which all functions are displayed.

(2) Image Display

The screen in which slide shows are displayed. It is available when My Image Garden, an application enriched with useful functions such as photo printing and scanning, is installed.

You can view the following items and images in a slide show.

  • Items of collages, calendars, etc. created automatically by the item recommendation function of My Image Garden
  • Images saved on the computer

When an item or image that you like is found, you can print or edit it with My Image Garden.


  • Refer to "Utilizing the Item Recommendation Function" for your model from Home of the Online Manual for the item recommendation function of My Image Garden.