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Shortcut Menu

You can start applications, open manuals or Main Menu, or access the Canon website.

figure: Shortcut Menu

(1) Icon Bar

Icons of saved functions are displayed.

Point to a function icon to display the function description.

Click a function icon to start the application or open the manual, or access the Canon website.

(2) Open Main Menu Icon

Click to display the Main Menu.

Click an arrow displayed around the icon to show/hide the Icon Bar adjacent to the arrow.

In addition, right-click (Open Main Menu) to display a menu containing the following commands.

Open Main Menu
Opens the Main Menu. Displays in front when already opened.
Add Start My Image Garden Icon
Place a checkmark to display (Start My Image Garden) in the Shortcut Menu.
Add Start Image Display Icon
Place a checkmark to display (Start Image Display) in the Shortcut Menu.
Opens this guide.
Displays the Preferences dialog box.
Quit Quick Menu
Quit Quick Menu.


  • In Windows Vista, if the Windows Sidebar is displayed, the Shortcut Menu may be hidden behind the Windows Sidebar and thus cannot be operated with a mouse. In that case, double-click (Quick Menu) in the notification area on the desktop to bring the Shortcut Menu to the front.
    After bringing the Shortcut Menu to the front, it is recommended that you move it to a place where it does not overlap with the Windows Sidebar.

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