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Other Settings Dialog Box

Set the number of copies to print and the amount of extension for borderless printing.

You can also specify the settings related to preview, set the monitor's color matching, and more.

To display the Other Settings dialog box, select Other Settings... from the File menu in the main screen.

Preferences Tab


  • The displayed items vary depending on your printer.
figure: Other Settings dialog box
Print after creating print data by page
Set whether to send the data to the printer page by page or all at once. Select this checkbox to send the data page by page.
Select this checkbox to print on a copy-by-copy basis.
Amount of extension for borderless printing

Set the amount of extension for borderless layouts.

Select from None, Small, Medium, Large, and Standard.


The solid lines represent the paper size, and the translucent areas represent the amount of extension.

Large Medium Small


  • The image may be cropped depending on the set amount of extension.
Always print in the finest quality setting
Select this checkbox to always print in the finest quality.
Unidirectional Printing

Select this checkbox to perform unidirectional printing. Use this if colors are patchy or color streaks are apparent in the printed photo.


  • Printing may take longer than usual.
Add/Update Media Information
Updates media information.

Select mm or inches.


  • If the unit is changed, the change will be reflected by restarting Professional Print & Layout.
Output Method

Select the output method.

Performs printing.
Save in Job Box

Saves the print job to the printer's box function.

Job Box No.
Select the destination box number (1 to 29).
Name of data to be saved
Set the name of the data to be saved.
Print after reception is complete

Select this checkbox to prevent degradation of the print quality that occurs when printing is interrupted due to choppy reception of the print job.


  • This function is unavailable depending on your printer.
Display all confirmation dialogs
Select this checkbox to unhide any dialog box you have hidden by selecting the Do not show this again checkbox.
Restores the default state.

Custom Settings Tab

figure: Other Settings dialog box
Display printable area
Select this checkbox to display the printable area in the Preview area.
Display images in high definition

Select this checkbox to display images in high quality at higher resolutions when started from Digital Photo Professional.


  • When this checkbox is selected, it may take time for the preview to appear depending on your environment.
Reflect the color adjustment result in preview
Select this checkbox to reflect the result of the color tone adjustment in the Preview area.
When started from Photoshop, set current image as print target

Select this checkbox to set only the image being edited as the print target when you start Professional Print & Layout after opening multiple images in Photoshop.

To set all the images opened in Photoshop as the print target, deselect the checkbox.


Select the user interface language.


  • If the language is changed, the change will be reflected by restarting Professional Print & Layout.
Display Color Matching

You can set the monitor profile for each application.

Select one of the following profiles according to your monitor.

  • Auto
  • sRGB
  • AdobeRGB
  • Use System Setting
  • Monitor Profile


  • Auto can be selected for Digital Photo Professional only. Select Auto to set the profile automatically according to the settings of Digital Photo Professional.
  • Select Monitor Profile to display the Open window for selecting the profile to be used. To change the profile to be used, click Browse....
Apply Display Color Matching to

Select where to apply the monitor profile.

Preview images only
Applies the monitor profile to the images displayed in preview only.
Preview images and thumbnails
Applies the monitor profile to the images displayed in preview and the Thumbnails area.
Restores the settings to the default state.

Layout Tab

figure: Other Settings dialog box
Image Slot Size Settings
Specify Size
Set the size of new slots to be added or the default slot size that applies when changing Layout Mode to Multiple Images (Auto Nesting).
Slot Size
Custom paper size/standard size
Applies the size selected from the list.
Image Size
Applies the original image size.
Fit To Paper Size

Applies Paper Size in Print Settings.


  • When Multiple Images (Auto Nesting) is set for Layout Mode, the slot is set to A4 size.
Fit To Roll Paper Width

Matches the image width with the roll paper width.


  • This does not appear depending on your printer.
Fit Image to Slot
Displays the entire image within the slot.
Fill Slot with Image
Displays the image without borders so that there is no gap within the slot.
Use last specified size
Automatically obtains and applies the last specified size.
Auto Nesting
Set the space between slots of automatically arranged images.
Restores the settings to the default state.