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Adjusting Color Tones of Black and White Photos by Viewing Patterns

Adjust the color tone of a black and white photo by printing and viewing a pattern with which you can check the color tones of the black and white photo.


  • This function is unavailable when Gallery Wrap is selected for Layout Mode in the Stored Settings area.
  1. In the Preview area, select the image of which you want to print a pattern.

  2. In Color Settings on the Color Settings tab, click Pattern Print....

    figure: Main screen

    The Pattern Print window appears.

  3. Select Paper Size according to the paper to be used for Pattern Print.

  4. Select Tone X/Y in Color.

    figure: Pattern Print window


    • Tone X/Y may not be selected depending on the selected media type.
  5. Select Pattern Size and Color Variation between Instances.

  6. Finely adjust the color tone in Color Settings as needed.


  7. Click Print.

    The Print dialog box appears.

  8. Click OK.

    The pattern is printed.

  9. From the printed pattern, enter the values described under the image with the desired color tone into the X-coordinate and Y-coordinate.

  10. Click OK in the Pattern Print window.

    The Pattern Print window closes; the values are reflected in the black and white color tone adjustment space in the main screen.


  • To perform Pattern Print only for a portion of the image, display the Pattern Print window after following the steps below.

    1. In the main screen, duplicate the image of which you want to print a pattern.
    2. Crop the duplicate image.

    After completing Pattern Print and adjustment, delete the duplicate image.

  • For the Pattern Print window, see Pattern Print Window.