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Printing Hanging and Horizontal Banners (Large-Format Printing)

A drapery or banner up to 18.0m can be made by enlarging or reducing original documents made on application software.
However, there are cases in which an 18.0 meter banner cannot be printed because the application software used has limits on the document size that can be set.

The procedure for printing hanging and horizontal banners is as follows:

Print for width of roll

  1. Create document by using application software

  2. Open the printer driver setup window

  3. Select the paper size

    Select the same original paper size created in the application soft in the Page Setup tab's Page Size.
    In the event an optional size is set in the application software, select Custom Size from Custom Paper Size in Page Size and designate size in the dialog box that appears.

  4. Select roll width

    Select the equivalent to the paper width of the roll set in the printer under Roll Width.

  5. Set Enlarged/Reduced Printing

    Check Enlarged/Reduced Printing and select Fit Roll Paper Width.
    When the Information dialog box appears, select the equivalent to the paper width of the roll set in the printer.

  6. Complete the setup

    Click OK.
    When printing is executed, a drapery or banner can be printed according to the roll.

Enlarge and print

  1. Register user-defined paper

    Register both the actual desired print size (user-defined paper 1) and original document size created in application (user-defined document size 2) in the Size Options... under the Page Setup tab.


    • Please set user-defined paper 2 to the same aspect ratio as user-defined paper 1. If the aspect ratio differs, the enlarged image may not turn out to be the expected size.
      After creating user-defined paper 1, if user-defined paper 2 is created after checking Fix the Ratio of the Width to Height, settings can be set to the same aspect ratio.
      Also set user-defined paper 2 to a size that doesn't exceed the maximum size supported by the application.
      For example, when printing on paper 600mm wide and 3,000mm long, use the following settings.
      (when setting length to 1/6 the user-defined paper)
      • User-defined paper 1: Width 600mm, Height 3,000mm
      • User-defined paper 2: Width 100mm, Height 500mm
  2. Create original document in application software

    Use registered user-defined paper 2 to create original document in application software.

  3. Open printer driver settings screen

  4. Select Paper Size

    Select registered user-defined paper 1 from Custom Paper Size in Page Setup tab's Page Size.

  5. Complete the setup

    Click OK.
    When you print, the hanging or horizontal banner is printed by using the user-defined size.


  • Maximum printable length is 18.0m. In the event the enlarged length exceeds 18.0m, the part of the image exceeding the length will not be printed.
  • If printing cannot be performed correctly, you may be able to improve printing by using the Special Settings dialog box on the Layout tab to change FineZoom Settings to Yes.