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Setting Paper Dimensions (Custom Size)

You can specify the height and width of paper when its size cannot be selected from the Page Size. Such a paper size is called "custom size."

There are two ways of setting a user-defined paper, setting the paper from Size Options... on the Page Setup tab and setting the paper from Custom Size of Page Size.

If you will be using a user-defined paper repeatedly, setting it from Size Options... is convenient because it becomes registered to Page Size and can be selected any time after that.

If you want to use a user-defined paper temporarily, setting it from Custom Size is suitable.

The procedure for specifying a custom size is as follows:

Setting from Paper Size Options

  1. Open the printer driver setup window

  2. Click Size Options... on the Page Setup tab

    The Paper Size Options dialog box opens.

  3. Set user-defined paper

    Set Custom Paper Size Name, Units, and Size, and then click Add.
    For Size, specify an size or select the paper size to be used from Paper Size List.
    To narrow down the paper sizes displayed in Paper Size List, select the Display Series check box.


    • By selecting the Borderless Printing Size check box for Size, you can select a size from the paper sizes that support Borderless Printing. By selecting the Fix the Ratio of the Width to Height check box, you can change the size while keeping the Width and Height ratio.
  4. Set user-defined paper

    Click OK, then it returns to Page Setup tab.
    The paper size registered by using Custom Paper Size Name is registered to Custom Paper Size of Page Size and can be selected at any time.

Setting from Custom Size

  1. Open the printer driver setup window

  2. Select the paper size

    For Page Size on the Page Setup tab, select Custom Size from the Custom Paper Size list.

    figure:Select Custom for Page Size on the Page Setup tab

    The Custom Size Settings dialog box opens.

    figure:Custom Paper Size dialog box
  3. Set the custom paper size

    Enter the Width and Height values of the paper to be used, specify the Units, and then click OK.

  4. Complete the setup

    Click OK on the Page Setup tab.
    When you execute print, the data is printed with the specified paper size.


  • If the application software that created the document has a function for specifying height and width values, use the application software to set the values. If the application software does not have such a function or if the document does not print correctly, perform the above procedure from the printer driver to set the values.
  • Printing may be disabled depending on the size of the specified user-defined media.
    For information about printable sizes for user-defined media, see "Paper Sizes."
  • Any paper size that was set by using Custom Size can no longer be used after the application software is closed.


  • If the paper settings in the printer driver differ from the paper information registered on the printer, an error message may appear on the printer's operation panel. You can still print but you may not be able to obtain correct print results.
  • The maximum configurable size with Custom Size is 3.2m.