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Adjusting Intensity/Contrast Using Sample Patterns (Printer Driver)

You can look at the print results of pattern print and adjust the intensity/contrast.
When you change the color balance or intensity/contrast of a document, the pattern print function prints the adjustment results in a list, together with the adjustment values.

  1. Open the printer driver setup window

  2. Select the manual color adjustment

    On the Main tab, select Manual for Color/Intensity, and click Set....

    figure:Select Manual for Color/Intensity on the Main tab

    The Manual Color Adjustment dialog box opens.

  3. Selecting pattern print

    On the Color Adjustment tab, select the Print a pattern for color adjustment check box, and click Pattern Print preferences....

  4. Setting pattern print

    When the Pattern Print dialog box opens, set the following items, and then click OK.

    Parameters to Adjust
    Select Intensity/Contrast.
    Printer Paper Size
    Select the paper size to be used for pattern printing.


    • Depending on the paper size selected on the Page Setup tab, there may be sizes that cannot be selected.
    Amount of Pattern Instances
    Select Largest, Large, or Small to set the number of patterns to be printed.


    • Largest and Large cannot be selected when certain paper sizes or output paper sizes are selected.
    Color Variation Between Instances
    Set the amount of color change between neighboring patterns.


    • Large is about double the size of Medium, and Small is about half the size of Medium.
  5. Checking the print results of pattern print

    On the Color Adjustment tab, select OK to close the Manual Color Adjustment dialog box.
    On the Main tab, select OK, and then execute printing. The printer then prints a pattern in which the intensity/contrast that you set is the center value.

  6. Adjusting the intensity/contrast

    Look at the print results and select the image that you like best. Then enter the intensity/contrast numbers indicated at the bottom of that image into the Intensity and Contrast fields on the Color Adjustment tab.
    Clear the Print a pattern for color adjustment check box, and click OK.


    • You can also set intensity/contrast on the Quick Setup tab by choosing Photo Printing under Commonly Used Settings, and then choosing Color/Intensity Manual Adjustment under Additional Features.
  7. Complete the setup

    Click OK on the Main tab.
    Then when you execute printing, the document is printed with the intensity/contrast that was adjusted by the pattern print function.


  • When Print a pattern for color adjustment is selected on the Color Adjustment tab, the following items are grayed out and cannot be set:
    • Preview before printing on the Main tab
    • Stapling Side and Specify Margin... on the Page Setup tab (When Duplex Printing (Manual) is set, only Stapling Side can be set.)
  • You can print a pattern only if the Page Layout setting on the Page Setup tab is Normal-size or Borderless.
  • Depending on your application software, this function may not be available.