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Opening Printer Driver's Setup Screen

You can display the printer driver's setup screen from your application software or by clicking the printer icon.

Displaying the Printer Driver's Setup Screen from Your Application Software

Perform this procedure to set up the print settings during printing.

  1. Select print command from application software

    The Print command can generally be found in the File menu.

  2. Select your printer model, and click Preferences (or Properties)

    The printer driver's setup screen appears.


    • Depending on the application software you are using, the command and menu names, and the number of steps may vary. For details, refer to the operating instructions of your application software.

Displaying the Printer Driver's Setup Screen by Clicking the Printer Icon

From the setup screen you can perform printer maintenance operations such as print head cleaning, or set print settings to be shared by all application software.

  1. Select Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Devices and Printers

  2. Right-click the icon of your model. When the menu appears, select Printing preferences

    The printer driver's setup screen appears.


    • Opening the printer driver setup window through Printer properties displays such tabs regarding the Windows functions as the Ports (or Advanced) tab. Those tabs do not appear when opening through Printing preferences or application software. For tabs regarding Windows functions, refer to the user's manual for the Windows.