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Basic Printing Setup

This section describes settings on the Quick Setup tab used for basic printing.

  1. Check that printer power is on

  2. Load paper in printer

  3. Open printer driver's setup screen

  4. Select frequently used settings

    On the Quick Setup tab, use Commonly Used Settings to select from predefined print settings.
    When you select a print setting, the settings for Additional Features, Media Type, and Printer Paper Size automatically switch to the predefined values.

    figure:Commonly Used Settings on the Quick Setup tab
  5. Select print quality

    For Print Quality, select from High, Standard, or Draft.

    figure:Print Quality on the Quick Setup tab


    • The print quality selections will differ depending on which print setting you select.
  6. Click OK

    The printer will now print using these settings.

    figure:OK on the Quick Setup tab


  • When you select Always Print with Current Settings, the settings on the Quick Setup, Main, and Page Setup tabs are saved, and those settings are used in subsequent printings.
  • To register the current settings as a new preset, click Save... under Commonly Used Settings.