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Maintenance Tab Description

The Maintenance tab allows you to start the Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool or check the status of the printer.

figure:Maintenance tab
Maintenance and Preferences
Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool is started.
You can perform printer maintenance or change the settings of the printer.
View Printer Status
Starts the Canon IJ Status Monitor.
Perform this function when you want to check the printer status and how a print job is proceeding.
Opens the About dialog box.
The version of the printer driver, plus a copyright notice, can be checked.
In addition, the language to be used can be switched.

About dialog box

When you click About, the About dialog box is displayed.
This dialog box displays the version, copyright, and module list of the printer driver. You can select the language to be used and switch the language displayed in the setup window.

Lists the printer driver modules.
Specifies the language you wish to use in the printer driver setup window.


  • If the font for displaying the language of your choice is not installed in your system, the characters will be garbled.