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Print Dialog

In the Print dialog, you can set paper type, paper source and print quality to start printing.

To open the Print dialog, you typically select Print... from the File menu of your application software.

figure:Print dialog
Select the model to be used for printing.
When you click Add Printer..., a dialog for specifying the printer opens.
You can save or delete the settings of the Print dialog.


  • You can select Show Presets... to check the print settings that are set in the Print dialog.
You can set the number of copies to be printed.


  • You can set collated printing by choosing Paper Handling from the pop-up menu.
You can set the range of pages to be printed.
Paper Size
Select the size of the paper to be used for printing.
To set a non-standard size, select Manage Custom Sizes....
Select the print orientation.
Pop-up Menu
You can switch between pages in the Print dialog by the pop-up menu. The first menu to appear differs depending on the application software that opened the Print dialog.
You can choose one of the following items from the pop-up menu.
You can set page layout printing.
Use Reverse page orientation to change the paper orientation, and use Flip horizontally to print a mirror image of the document.
Color Matching
You can select the color correction method.
Paper Handling
You can set the pages to be printed on paper and the print order.
Cover Page
You can output cover pages both before and after a document.
Quality & Media
You can set basic print settings that match the printer.
Color Options
You can adjust the print colors as you desire.
Advanced Paper Settings
Specifies detailed print settings that match the media type loaded in the printer.
Page Processing
Adjusts how much of the document extends outside the paper when full-page borderless printing is used, and specifies the stapling side and stapling margin when multiple sheets of paper are being stapled together.
Supply Levels
A rough indication of the remaining ink level is displayed.
You can save a document in PDF (Portable Document Format) format.