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Registering a Changed Printing Profile

You can name and register the printing profile you made in the Print Dialog. The registered printing profile can be called up from Presets to be used. You can also delete the unnecessary printing profile.

The procedure for registering a printing profile is as follows:

Registering a Printing Profile

  1. In the Print dialog, set the necessary items

  2. Select Save Current Settings as Preset... from the Presets

    figure:Select Save Current Settings as Preset... from Presets in the Print dialog
  3. Save the settings

    In the displayed dialog, enter a name in Preset Name, and if necessary, set Preset Available For. Then click OK.

    figure:Enter a name in Preset Name


    • There are also print settings that cannot be saved to preset.

Using Registered Printing Profile

  1. On Presets in the Print dialog, select the name of printing profile you want to use

    Printing profile in the Print dialog will be updated to the called profile.

Deleting Unnecessary Printing Profile

  1. Select the printing profile to be deleted

    In the print dialog, select Show Presets... in the Presets section. Then in the dialog that appears, select the name of the printing profile to be deleted.

  2. Delete the printing profile

    Click Delete, and click OK. The selected printing profiles will be deleted from Presets.