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Media Types

Various types of paper can be selected for inkjet printers. Even when the same image is printed, its impression will differ greatly depending on the selected paper type.
Paper selection is an important factor for creating works of art as you wish.

Photo Paper

Photo paper is broadly classified into glossy paper, semi-gloss paper, matte paper, etc. depending on the surface finish. The difference in surface finish greatly affects the impression of the work of art in terms of the depth of black, purity of white, contrast, glossiness, etc.

Fine Art Paper

Fine art paper mainly uses art paper or the like as the base paper, and is mostly thick and varies in surface finish; it is thus recommended when you want to give a solid and heavy feel or rich texture to the work of art.

Genuine Canon Paper

Genuine Canon paper includes the following types of paper.

Photo Paper
Photo Paper Pro Platinum Glossy paper for professionals and experienced amateurs featuring uncompromising quality from texture to performance
Photo Paper Plus Glossy II Glossy paper with quality thickness and firmness featuring deep black, rich colors and high color development from immediately after printing
Photo Paper Pro Luster Quality "microporous" glossy paper that is relatively insensitive to lighting variation when displayed and is superior in instant drying characteristics
Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss Quality semi-gloss paper that exhibits an elegant texture
Matte Photo Paper Matte paper with a soft appearance and low glare
Fine Art Paper
Fine Art Paper "Museum Etching" Thick fine art paper with natural white color tone maintaining the roughness (texture) of "unbleached" paper

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