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Printing Photos

  1. Start Print Studio Pro.

  2. Make sure that the images you want to print are displayed in the Thumbnails area at the bottom left of the screen.


    • Images with the checkboxes selected will be printed. Deselect the checkboxes of the images you do not want to print.
    • Drag to change the order to print.
    • You can also change the order to print by selecting an order from the Sort By menu.
  3. In Print Settings, set Media Type, Paper Source, Print Quality, etc. according to the printer and paper to be used.

    figure: Main screen


    • When Fine Art is selected for Media Type, a 1.18 inch (30 mm) margin or 1.38 inch (35 mm) margin is automatically left at the top and bottom of the paper. It is recommended that you check the print area with the image shown in print preview before printing.
    • When Plain Paper is selected for Media Type, the print result may become faint. In that case, change the Media Type and print.


    • The paper sizes and media types displayed vary depending on the selected printer.
    • Refer to "Art Paper Printing Guide" for the supported types of third party paper. "Art Paper Printing Guide" can be downloaded from the Canon website.
    • Available paper sources and print quality vary depending on the selected printer and media type.
    • See "Settings Area (Print Settings)" for details on the Settings area (Print Settings).
  4. Select the layout you want to use from Layout.


    • The layouts displayed vary depending on the selected printer, paper size and media type.
    • When a bordered layout is selected for Layout, you can adjust the margin width and image size.

    • See "Settings Area (Layout)" for details on the Settings area (Layout).
  5. Load paper.

  6. Click Print.

    A message appears.

  7. Click OK.

    The Print dialog appears.

  8. Click Print.