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Countermeasures against Unauthorized Access

This section describes countermeasures against an unauthorized access to the printer from outside. When you use the printer via a network or you are an administrator, we recommend you read this section before using the printer.

Four countermeasures below can be helpful against an unauthorized access.


  • As the setting procedure described below is an example, it may be different from that of your printer. For details, refer to your printer's manual.

Specify a Private IP Address

An IP address is a numeric label assigned to each device on the network. There are two types of IP address. One is used for internet connection ("global IP address"), and the other is used for a local area network such as an inhouse LAN ("private IP address").

If a global IP address is specified for the printer, many and unspecified users on internet can access to the printer. As a result, you will face an increased risk of information leakage caused by an unauthorized access from outside. On the other hand, if a private IP address is specified for the printer, users who can access to the printer are confined to those on a local area network such as an inhouse LAN. Therefore, we recommend you specify a private IP address for the printer.

The range of addresses used as a private IP address is shown below. Make sure whether a private IP address is specified for your printer.

Range of private IP address

  • to
  • to
  • to

Procedure to check the IP address

Select Setup > Device settings > LAN settings on your printer to select a network connection method and check the IP address. For the procedure to check and specify the IP address, refer to your printer's manual.


  • Establishing an environment to protect an access from outside using a firewall can reduce a risk of an unauthorized access even though a global IP address is specified for your printer.

Restrict Communication Using Firewall or Wi-Fi Router

Firewall is a system which prevents an unauthorized access from an external network user to protect an inhouse network against attack or intrusion.

Firewall enables your network to be protected against an unauthorized access by restricting a communication from the specific external IP address which seems to have a risk.

A home use Wi-Fi router has a similar function. Be careful when you change the settings.

Specify a Password for the Printer

Even if a malicious third party accesses to your printer by any chance, you can reduce a risk of information leakage drastically by specifying a password to protect various information on your printer.

In addition, though the printer can be protected by specifying a password, it is important to manage the specified password for security. Manage your password referring to the four points below. For details, refer to your printer's manual.

  • Be sure to change the default password.
  • Change the password periodically.
  • Do not use a password easy to guess for a third party.
  • Do not tell a third party about the specified password casually.


  • A password is not specified for some printers at the time of purchase. In this case, specify the password for the printer.
  • A password cannot be specified for some printers.

Password management using Remote UI (User Interface)

Remote UI is a software to access to the printer via a network by using a web browser. You can check the printer status or settings on Remote UI, which allows you to perform operations almost the same as those you can on the operation panel of the printer.

Entering the printer's IP address or host name on the web browser displays the portal page of Remote UI.

For the procedure to start up or operations of Remote UI, refer to your printer's manual.


  • Do not access to a website while you are using Remote UI on the web browser.

    In addition, be sure to close the web browser when you leave your seat before you finish performing settings, or when you have finished performing settings.

Apply higher security level for Wi-Fi connection

When you use the printer via Wi-Fi, we recommend you apply a security method with higher security level (e.g. WPA/WPA2).

For more on operations, refer to your printer's manual.