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IJ Network Tool

IJ Network Tool is a utility that enables you to display and modify the machine network settings. It is installed when the machine is set up.


  • To use the machine over LAN, make sure you have the equipment necessary for the connection type, such as a wireless router or a LAN cable.

  • Do not start up IJ Network Tool while printing.

  • Do not print when IJ Network Tool is running.

  • If the firewall function of your security software is turned on, a message may appear warning that Canon software is attempting to access the network. If the warning message appears, set the security software to always allow access.

Starting up IJ Network Tool

  1. Select Applications from Go menu of Finder, double-click Canon Utilities > IJ Network Tool, and then double-click the Canon IJ Network Tool icon.

Depending on the printer you are using, an administrator password is already specified for the printer at the time of purchase. When you change the network settings, authentication by the administrator password is required.

For details:

Administrator Password

For improving security, we recommend you change the administrator password.

Changing Settings in Admin Password Sheet