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The Features of Media Configuration Tool

To obtain high quality print results on printers that are compatible with Media Configuration Tool, the optimal printer settings have been consolidated into a media information file for each type of paper. This media file is provided by Canon for Canon genuine paper and Canon feed confirmed paper.


  • For details on Canon genuine paper and Canon feed confirmed paper, search for and refer to the following pages from the home page of the Online Manual for your model.

    • Model that supports roll paper

      "Paper Information List"

    • Model that does not support roll paper

      "Media Types You Can Use"

    Canon feed confirmed paper is paper for which printer feeding is confirmed by performing a standard Canon evaluation. Depending on your model, you may not be able to use Canon feed confirmed paper.

Using the Media Configuration Tool allows you to do the following.

  • Adding and Updating Media Information

    When new paper supported by the printer is added / updated, the media information file can be downloaded from the Internet and the new media information can be added / updated to the printer.

  • Registering Media Information to Multiple Printers

    You can register the same media information for the same model printer.

  • Changing Paper Name and Paper Display Order

    You can rearrange lists of the types of paper on the printer control panel and in printer driver dialog boxes and rename them, in addition to other functions.

  • Customizing Media Information

    When you use paper other than Canon genuine paper or Canon feed confirmed paper, you can customize existing media information and add it to the printer.


    • In the Media Configuration Tool, paper created by customizing existing media information is called custom paper.


  • Administration of media information using the Media Configuration Tool should be performed by the printer administrator.

  • You must connect your computer to the Internet to download the media information from the Internet.

  • We recommend that you back up (save) the media information in advance in case the media information file becomes corrupted or you want to restore the original media information.

    For how to back up media information, see "Back Up Base Printer Media Information" in "Copying Media Information from the Base Printer to Another Printer".