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Checking Printer Information

You can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to check the Printer status and execute utility functions from apps such as Canon Inkjet Print Utility and MAXIFY Printing Solutions.

You can also use the convenient web services presented by Canon.

  1. Selecting Printer Information in an Apps Screen


    • You can also enter IPv4 address directly in the web browser to display printer information.
      1. Load one sheet of A4 size or Letter size plain paper

      2. On the printer operation panel, select the Setup button, and then select Device settings -> LAN settings -> Print LAN details

        IP address printing starts.

      3. From your computer, smartphone, or tablet device, open the Web browser, and enter the following URL:

        http:// <Printer IP address>

        For <Printer IP address>, enter the IP address that you checked in the previous procedure.

  2. Entering Username and Administrator's Password

    From the authentication screen, enter the Username and Password.

    Username: ADMIN
    Password: See "About the Administrator Password."


    • The Username display may differ depending on your browser.
  3. Displaying Printer Information

    The top screen for printer information is displayed.

    Printer status
    This function displays printer information such as the remaining ink amount, the status, and detailed error information.
    You can also connect to the ink purchase site or support page, and use Web Services.
    This function allows you to set and execute the printer utility functions such as cleaning.
    AirPrint settings
    This function allows you to specify the Apple AirPrint settings, such as position information.
    Google Cloud Print setup
    This function allows you to register this printer to Google Cloud Print or delete the printer.
    IJ Cloud Printing Center setup
    Allows you to register to IJ Cloud Printing Center or to delete a registration.
    Allows you to set the Administrator's password and Operation restrictions for the machine.


    • For the initial Password, see "About the Administrator Password."
      For Security reasons, we recommend that you change the Password to an individual password.
    • The following character restrictions apply to the password that you enter:

      • Set the password by using 0 to 32 characters.
      • The allowed characters are single-byte alphanumeric characters.
    Records of use
    Displays a record of your printer usage, such as the number of pages printed.
    Firmware update
    This function allows you to update the firmware and check version information.
    Manual (Online)
    This function displays the Online Manual.