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Printing Pending Jobs

If the type or size of paper loaded does not match the settings in the print job received when you have set Detect paper setting mismatch to Hold job in the operation panel, the print job is held on the printer as a pending job in the job queue.

To print held jobs, replace the loaded paper with the paper specified in the print job.

This operation is available using the operation panel or Remote UI.


  • As long as you do not manage held jobs from the operation panel, they will remain in the job queue. In this case, the printer processes the next job in the queue without pausing.

Using Operation Panel

  1. Flick HOME screen and tap Job management.

  2. Tap Print job.

  3. In the list, tap print job with icon on the left.

  4. Tap Release hold.

    Touch screen
  5. Confirm displayed message and tap Yes.

Using Remote UI

  1. Start up Remote UI.

  2. Select Job management.

  3. Select Print job.

  4. In the list, select print job with icon on the left.

  5. Select Release.