Paper is not cut

  1. Check 1 Is Automatic Cutting in the printer driver set to No or Print Cut Guideline?

    Set the printer driver Automatic Cutting setting to Yes.

  2. Check 2 Is Cutting mode in the touch screen menu set to Eject cut or User cut?

    If Cutting mode is set to Eject cut, select Feed/cut in the touch screen menu and cut the paper.

    If Cutting mode is set to User cut, cut the roll paper with a cutting implement such as scissors.

  3. Check 3 Is the cutter blade attached?

    Attach the cutter blade.

  4. Check 4 Is the cutting method for paper ejected after printing set to Do not cut when the roll unit is set to Take-up mode?

    Follow the steps below to change the settings.

    1. Select the roll unit on the touch screen.

    2. Tap Use in take-up mode, and then select Use the cutting mode setting.

    3. Set the Cutting mode for Roll paper 1 on the touch screen to Automatic cut.